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The team at Strawberry Fields is committed to creating a beautiful, mixed-use urban neighborhood in the heart of Oklahoma City. Strawberry Fields’ design standards focus on quality of life, community connection, walkability, and environmental sustainability. We are inspired by Oklahoma City and we aspire to create a place to live, work, play, and celebrate life at Strawberry Fields.  


Strawberry Fields’ vision is being brought to life via a master plan developed by CallisonRTKL. CallisonRTKL is a global architecture, planning and design practice. Over the last 70 years, the firm has created some of the world’s most memorable and successful environments for developers, retailers, investors, institutions and public entities. CRTKL’s work sets it apart as the number-one retail design firm in the world and a top-five architecture practice across multiple disciplines and sectors. Strawberry Fields presents CRTKL the opportunity to create an innovative, mixed-use development that reflects today’s re-energized Oklahoma City.

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Strawberry Fields OK Map
TheLucy_View01 - 720p - THUMBNAIL LARGE.
The Lucy - Logo - Cream - 720p.png
Marketplace View 01 DAY -720p - THUMBNAI
The Marketplace - Logo - Cream.png
Orndale28 - View 01 - 720p - THUMBNAIL L
Orndale 28 - Logo - Cream.png
Kaleidoscope View 01 DAY -720p - THUMBNA
Kaleidoscope - Logo - Cream.png
Brewery View 01 DAY -720p - THUMBNAIL LA
Bar Original - Logo - Cream.png
US Supply View 02 DAY -720p - THUMBNAIL
US Supply Building - Logo Stacked - Crea
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